A Letter to the Wall Donald Trump Will Build

Dear Wall,

How dare you.

How dare you stand there, proud and tall, in all of your exorbitant glory. You, the blockade of our backyard, the curb of our country, the parapet of our peace.

You are there to symbolize the great “American Dream” and, by doing so, crush so many others.

You homebreaker.

You earthshaker.

You peace-taker.

You war-maker.

You are your father’s greatest accomplishment, his favorite child. He put his name on everything— it wasn’t just buildings and golf courses anymore, it was roads and reservations and national parks and natural memorials and monuments and you? He signed you with “Come and Try”.

Since when did politics punish others for wanting a better life? Since when did foreign affairs force people out?

When your first stones were set, they crushed the hopes and dreams of an entire country toppling into corruption. You are a graveyard.

How dare you.




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