Queen Natty

You sit

in juxtaposition

atop woven hair


a smiling face

hands lined with the history

of papers

and pens

and iPad keyboards


her cape is a black shirt

the pink and orange accents


like thunder

with your red and



her glasses are foggy

a large contrast

to the sharp mind

and bright eyes

behind them


her dark clothes

and eyes

and hair

make the fleur de lis

that adorns you

shine even



She waves her pencil across paper

as her sceptre

dropping proclamations

of her past

music blasting in the background

her journal

just beside her


She is already royalty

You just complete

the look


In my eighth grade English class, a professional writer named Natasha but called Natty came and changed me for good. She was incredible. There are few other words to describe her. As one of the prompts she gave us, she presented a metal crown and told us to write a poem about the first thing we thought of when we saw that crown. For a moment, she jokingly placed the crown on her head, and I wrote this poem for that one moment. I’m not sure if she’d remember me, but Queen Natty will always be one of my biggest idols.


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