Mock Media


isn’t it so frustrating when you just feel tired ALL. THE. FREAKING. TIME and you’re tired of feeling tired but no matter hard you try you cant come back from it and you’re just stuck in this slump forever

and sometimes you get that rush of life and being awake when you do a certain thing but it’s over as soon as it began and it only happens sometimes which in a way makes everything worse because you long for that feeling again

and then when people ask you how you are or what’s the matter you tell them honestly ‘I’m tired’ and then they think there’s more to it than that so they keep asking but like no honestly I’m just so incredibly tired

or even worse when you just genuinely don’t know what you’re feeling or why and people just keep asking and you just want to yell that you have no idea why you feel like crying or beating the wall or laughing hysterically you just do and no one seems to understand


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